Life at Roy & Associates

We have started our Firm to Help the People to Get Access to Justice. Our Goal is not to be the Biggest or Largest Law Firm in Bangladesh but to be the Best Legal Service Provider whose Goal is to Help ensure justice for people through Legal Practice.

“We Learn and Work together.”

Therefore If you are looking for a Big Firm/Big Name to start your Legal Career then we won’t be the right choice for you. But if you are passionate about Law and interested to bring a Positive Change in the Society through your Legal Practice then we would like to encourage you to Apply. 

Life @ Roy & Associates

In Roy & Associates we don’t treat it as an Office. Though we have a Corporate Office Setup but we love to call it our Second Home.

We don’t have such a Big Office and/or we don’t have the ability to offer such facilities to our team members as like Facebook or Google does. However day by day we are growing and becoming more caring. 

We firmly believe that, Our Team is Our Biggest Strength. Therefore We always care about our Peoples. We always try to maintain a Genial Environment where each of our team members are fully empowered to do what they love. 

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

The basic Policies we follow @ Roy & Associates: 

  • No Rules Rules
  • Focus on the Quality Service
  • Never Miss Your Deadlines
  • Don’t need to be at Your Desk all the time
  • Don’t need to be wear Formal Clothes without Meetings & Court Appearances
  • Read, Read and Read 

Our Corporate Branch at a Glance:


Reception Area Roy & Associates




Roy & Associates Office


Coordinator at Roy & Associates

Annual Outing 2021

Annual Outing 2021
Roy & Associates Official Mug