High Court Matters


In Roy & Associates, we have a comprehensive experience and impressive history of assissting clients regarding High Court Matters in Bangladesh. Our High Court Team includes experienced and highly trained lawyers who would assit you and represent you before the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. 

It is one of our core practice area and we hadle it more catiously. For dealing with High Court Matters more efficiently we work in collaboration with some leading law firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

High Court Matters Includes:

  • General Consultation
  • Writ 
  • Company Matters 
  • Civil Appeal 
  • Criminal Appeal 
  • Civil Revision 
  • Criminal Revision 
  • Anticipatory Bails 
  • Income Tax Reference
  • Arbitration Misc. Case
  • Quashment 

Our Conern Lawyers:


Saroj Gopal Roy

Head of Chambers
Badhan Roy Roy & Associates

Badhan Roy

Partner & D. Head

Swapan Roy

Senior Associate
Dhiman Singha Roy

Dhiman Singha Roy

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