Civil Litigation


Civil Litigation is one of our core practice area and we are considered one of the leading and specialist Law Firm in this field. In Roy & Associates, we have an active Civil Litigation Practice and we provide provide comprehensive Legal Services to our Clients under Civil Laws.

Our Head of Chambers is popularly known for his expertise in the field of civil law practice. Under the leadership of our Head of Chambers the Firm has an extensive experience in Civil Law Practice. We provide all sorts of legal services regarding civil law disputes. 

Civil Litigation Includes:

  • General Consultation
  • Drafting & Filling of Civil Suits & Appeals 
  • Suits for Permanent/Mandatory/Temporary Injunctions
  • Partition Suits
  • Suits for Recovery of Immovable Property 
  • Declaratory Suits
  • Cancellation of Deed
  • Rectification of Instrument 
  • Rescission of Contract 
  • Specific Performances of Contracts 
  • Recovery of Money, Estate, Property Debts Suits
  • Eviction of Tenant 
  • Vested Property Release 
  • Money Suit 
  • Land Survey Tribunal Case  
  • Arbitration Suit
  • Succession Cases

Our Concern Lawyers:


Saroj Gopal Roy

Head of Chambers

Swapan Roy

Senior Associate
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Prosonna Kumar Roy

Senior Associate
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Nimai Chad Roy


Milon Roy

Dhiman Singha Roy

Dhiman Singha Roy

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