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IN Roy & Associates, Legal Drafting is one of our core practice area. Legal documents are when properly drawn and signed by the parties become enforaceable as a matter of law. Therefore it requires legal expertise and experience in darfting legal documents. As a leading law firm we have extensive experience in drafting legal documents. 

Our team is well have a wide expertise in this field. We provide all sorts of legal drafting and documentation services.  

Drafting & Documentation Includes:

  • Legal Opinion 
  • Drafting Agreements 
  • Legal Notices 
  • Affidavits 
  • Power of Attorneys 
  • Vetting of Legal Documents
  • Sale Deeds
  • Policy Drafting 

Our Concern Lawyers:


Saroj Gopal Roy

Head of Chambers
Badhan Roy Roy & Associates

Badhan Roy

Partner & D. Head

Swapan Roy

Senior Associate
Dhiman Singha Roy

Dhiman Singha Roy

Lawyer Icon

Nimai Chad Roy

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