Hindu Marriage Registration Act 2012:


In Bangladesh, generally Hindu Marriage are governed by the Hindu Personal Laws. In Hindu Law Marriage is considered as the last of the ten sacraments. Marriage is considered as a sacred tie, which can never be broken.

In 2012 Bangladesh Government has enacted the Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 2012. This contains the registration provisions of Hindu Marriages in Bangladesh. However under this act Hindu Marriage Registration is not mandatory, it’s only an optional basis. In this article we have discussed the main provisions of the Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 2012. 

Main Features of The Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 2012

Section 3 – Hindu Marriage Registration: For the purpose of documentary evidence Hindu Marriage can be registered under this Act and such registration is discretionary  and the marriage will be considered as valid even if the same is not registered.

Section 4 – Appointment of Marriage Register: Government has appointed Hindu Marriage Registrar in almost all the upazillas across the country. 

Section 5 – Restriction for Hindu Marriage Registration: For Hindu Marriage Registration the age for marriage is 21 for boys and 18 for girls. Before this age no marriage shall be registered under this Act. 

Section 6 – Marriage Registration Procedure: After completing the religious rituals of Marriage, for the purpose of documentary evidence of marriage, on the application of any party of the marriage, the Hindu Marriage Registrar shall register the marriage under this Act. 

Section 7 – Marriage Registration Fees: The Government shall determine the Marriage Registration fees, Searching of Marriage Registration Books and For providing certified copies. 

Under this Act, the Government has also enacted the Hindu Marriage Registration Rules 2013

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