Income Tax Return Filing in Bangladesh:


In this article we will discuss only procedure of Income Tax Return filing in Bangladesh for Individual Tax Payers. To Learn about the Basic Topics of Income Tax Bangladesh, please read our related articles. This article cover the following topic: 

  • Income Tax Return Filing in Bangladesh

An  Individual Tax Payer can submit his Tax Return by Manually or through Online.

  • Tax Return Filing by Manually 

Manually means an Individual Tax Payer have to collect the prescribed Tax Return form from the office of the  Income Tax Authorities or National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh (NBR) website and after filing the form have to submit before the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes of his/her specified Tax Circle. Provided that the prescribed Tax Return form is totally Free and a Tax Payer can also use a Photocopy of the form. A Tax Payer can also easily collect and submit the Tax Return form in the Tax Fair. A Tax Payers can also easily access assistance from the officials to complete his/her tax assessment in the tax fair. 

  • Tax Return Filing through Online 

National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh (NBR) has introduced Online Tax Return Filing System. You can easily submit your Tax Return through online. To submit your Tax Return Online you have to visit Income Tax e-Filing Website. In this website you will find all the General Instructions including How to Register, Online Filing, Guide Line and also References.

E-filing website is the official portal of the Income Tax Department, National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh. The website is the government’s attempt to create a friendly and automated tax environment for the citizens and other stakeholders in calculating and submitting Tax returns.

The following web-enabled services are available on this online system:

  • Register account for Taxpayer.
  • Electronic submission of Income tax return and attachments and processing of the same.
  • Electronic submission of Exemption/Tax holiday application and upload attachment.
  • Electronic submission of Appeal application and upload attachment.
  • Changing password for Taxpayers.
  • Guidelines for Taxpayers.
  • Download related Income Tax Rules and Templates.

It is expected that E-filing website would be a powerful tool to simplify Income Tax process. The website will make it easier for Taxpayers to submit the Tax return and increase the efficiency of Tax Officers in processing the return.

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