Virtual Court Proceeding in Bangladesh:


“Virtual Court Proceeding” it’s a very new concept in Bangladesh. Due to Covid-19 Bangladesh Government has declared general holidays to stop the mass transmission of Covid-19. Therefore the regular activities of the Apex Court and all the subordinate Courts in Bangladesh have also remain closed for a very long period and to deal with the situation the Government has introduced the Virtual Court Proceeding. In this article we will discuss the following issues: 

  • Virtual Court Proceeding in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh due to Covid 19 all the Courts operation have remain suspended since 26th March 2020. Therefore on 07th May 2020 the Cabinet has approved an ordinance to resume the Court activities during the declared general holidays. Thereafter on 09th May 2020 Government has issued an Ordinance for holding Virtual Court Proceedings. This ordinance allow the Courts to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for holding Trail, Inquiry, Hearing, Argument and Passing Judgment. 

  • How to use Virtual Court Proceeding in Bangladesh

“Virtual Court Proceeding” it involves some easy steps to deal with. It neither involve to much technical issues nor too much hard to understand. The Supreme Court of Bangladesh has also published several User Manual for Lawyers. You have to follow the following steps. 


Step 1: Registration

For Registration you have to visit or click Here and you will find the attached image. 

Now You have to Click on New Registration Button.  

After clicking on New Registration Button you will find the same as the attached picture. Now You are required to submit your Mobile Number, Email and Your name. Then submit by Clicking on New Registration Button. 

After submitting your required information you will get a message containing your Password on your Mobile. Then you have to login using your Phone Number and received Password.  


After Login into your account you will find the same as the attached picture. From here firstly you have to Update Your Profile, Change Your Password. Then you are ready to submit Bail Petition. For Updating your profile Click on Profile Button. 

For updating your profile you have to provide your Basic Information such as You Full Name, Date of Birth, Father’s name, Mother’s Name in both Bengali and English. 

After that you have to provide your Present Address, Permanent Address and your Official or Business Address. 

Thereafter You have to provide and attached your Picture , NID, Your Signature in Documents Section. 

Thereafter You should have to change your password by Clicking on Change Password Button. Now your account is ready to use. 


Step 2: Bail Application

Now You can submit your Bail Application by Clicking on the “Bail Application of the Accused” button.

By Clicking on the “Bail Application of the Accused” button you will find same as the attached second picture herewith. Now you have to click on “Apply” button. 

Now You have to provide the required information such as Nature, Name & Location of the Court, Case Number, Name of Your Bar Association, Your Membership Number, Your Mail Address and You have to also confirm the declarations. 

Thereafter you have to attached your Bail Petition and other documents (if any). Then Click on the “Submit” button and Your application has been submitted successfully. Now You have to wait for further instructions regarding Virtual Hearing. 


Step 3: Virtual Court Hearing

For Virtual Court Hearing most of the Courts using Zoom. You can use it from your Computer or Mobile Phone. For using Zoom App in your phone, firstly you have to download it form Google Play Store. Thereafter you have to open a Zoom Account. You can easily open a Zoom Account using your Gmail Account, Facebook Account or Email Address. 

After submitting your Bail Application you will received a message or mail from the Court containing a Zoom meeting Link and Time. You have to open the link on Zoom App at the specified time and you can join the meeting with Judge of the concern Court. 


Step 3: Submission of Bail Bond

After Virtual Court Hearing if the Court satisfied and enlarge the accused on Bail then you have to submit Bail Bond. Submission of Bail Bond is similar to Submission of Bail Application. 

For submitting Bail Bond you have to Click on the “Bail Bond Submission” button and you will find the same as the attached picture.  


Similar to Submission of Bail Application, You have to Provide the required information such as Nature, Name & Location of the Court, Case Number, Bail Petition Number, Lawyer’s Name, Mobile Number, Mail Address, Bar Association Name and Membership Number. There after you have to confirm that the provided information are true. 

Thereafter You have to attached the Bail Bond and Release Order herewith and submit it. 

After submitting your Bail Bond and Release Order you will receive a Tracking Number similar as the attached picture. Through your Tracking number you can track the present position of your Application. 

For More Details:

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